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Du Rag Dress Shirt


Custom Airbrush paint on Oxford cloth button down


© 2014


From the artists' collection

Najee Redd: When I was around 6 or 7 years old, someone told me I had "good hair" and I completely ran wild with the shit.  At the time, my mother owned a beauty supply store in Chicago so I had all the tools at my disposal to finally get waves.  (Aside: I REALLY wanted fingerwaves, but in hindsight I'm very happy my parents weren't going).  As with all my interests, I became obsessed.  So much so, I needed to have my kit with me everywhere I went: Murray's hair pomade, firm bristle hairbrush, and a du-rag.  At some point in time, my du-rag became one of the most important components of my outfits.  Sometimes when the fit was a little weak, the du-rag WAS the outfit.  Things got to a point where if I wasn't wearing it on my head, a matching du-rag would be in my back pocket like a bandana lol.  It's crazy how a $1.00 accessory from the beauty supply turned into a cultural signifier for style & self expression.  This is product.

Dos: Du Rags were like a kings crown in the hood. I grew up in East Atlanta looking up to My favorite Rappers, Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, The neighborhood d-boys, and even my fly Uncle all of which sported the headpiece. This clothing item meant alot for both of us growing up and to the culture as a whole. We wanted to create an image akin to religious iconography that honored that piece of our upbringing.


Najee put me on to The Shirt Kings based off the Coliseum block in Jamaica Queens, NY which heavily influenced the use of airbrush on this piece.


Also Psycho Egyptians "Pretty Boy" was a theme song for us around this time.

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